Euro-Japan Communication has over the past 20 years organized and implemented study tours for serious Japanese study groups, who want to take a closer look at Danish society in order to gain inspiration for their continued activities and work within a Japanese reality.






Study tours


Japanese study groups in Denmark

We arrange study tours for Japanese groups. We offer various themes for the tours:

  • Social welfare
  • Care of the elderly care and of the disabled
  • Education
  • Environment and energy
  • Womens’ role in society and questions of equality
  • Business and industry
  • Working environment and transfer techniques
  • Agriculture and farming

We adapt theme and subject matter to each group after close consideration and consultation with the Japanese organizers. From the groups we expect fixed aims for the tour and clear expectations regarding content matter.


Typically Takako Bundgard will join the group herself to ensure the quality of the study tours and to achieve maximum benefit for the participants.