We are in an age of globalization. Yet Japan is considered a mysterious and exotic country, which we find difficult  to relate to and to understand. But Japan is neither mysterious nor exotic – it is just different. 

Euro-Japan Communication works to demystify Japan and thereby to promote greater understanding.








Presentations and lectures abut Japan in Denmark


'Euro-Japan Communication' offers presentations and lectures with various contents:

  • Japanese cultural and social values:  The cultural values of Japan have been in decline since the breakdown of the bubble economy.  What are the effects on present Japanese society?
  • The Japanese businessman:  A description of the Japanese businessman, what drives him, what are his reasons for action, and how does he change during the present times?
  • The Japanese woman;  myth and reality:  No - the Japanese woman is not oppressed!  what is she then?  About the modern Japanese woman, her role in Japanese society, the historical background for her present situation, the actual developments in her situation and her role.
  • Education:  Japanese education is tough and not for delicate souls.  About problems, aims, methods and future prospects.
  • Care of the elderly in Japan:  For more than 20 years Japanese study groups have been visiting Denmark to study the care of the elderly.  What are the results of these visits? and is the inspiration from Denmark visible in the Japanese care of the elderly?

Themes other than those mentioned are also covered, and theme and subject matter are adapted to Your wishes and needs.  Both Takako and Carsten Bundgaard can deliver the presentations and lectures on their own or together.