Takako Bundgaard is very active regarding information activities in Japan. She publishes books about Danish society; she writes articles for specialist magazines; every autumn she tours Japan, giving presentations and lectures on Danish society.






Activities in Japan


1  Books published                                                                                                         

1. From strenuous to tender and friendly care  
The book has been written out of a strong concern about the harsh working conditions for Japanese carers in the elderly and health care sector. Taking Denmark as her point of reference Takako Bundgaard argues that there is a way towards a better and more friendly working environment, to the benefit of all,  carers, employers and the cared-for alike.

2. Lifelong education; from cradle to grave  
About education in Denmark described as a lifelong right and option. A call for Japanese society to look at new ways to arrange an educational system which is based on respect for the individual and adapted to the age of globalization

3. Mor 
Taking her mother-in-law as an example, describing her life and old age, Takako Bundgaard explores living conditions of a Danish citizen, and the way in which an independent life for the individual from childhood to old age is made possible.

4. A greeting from Denmark 
About Danish society in general and care of the elderly in particular.


2  Presentations and lectures about Denmark in Japan:


Takako Bundgaard offers presentations and lectures about Denmark in Japan with various contents: 

  • The human resource
  • Education
  • Care of the elderly
  • About organisations and how they organise themselves
  • The municipality reforms of 1972 & 2007, and the processes leading to them
  • Working environment and transfer techniques in the caring and nursing sectors

Themes other than those mentioned are also covered. Takako Bundgaard will adapt theme and subject matter to your wishes and needs.



3  Articles for newpapers and magazines
Over the past 20 years Takako Bundgaard has been writing articles for Japanese newpapers and specialist magazines. Themes have included: the Danish welfare system; care of the elderly and disabled; housing; education at all levels; enviromental issues; and more.


4  Investigations and reports
Both Carsten and Takako Bundgaard have carried out investigations and written reports on Danish society for various private and public Japanese organsiations: dementia; Denmark as a country for investment; flexibility and readiness for change within the agricultural system; handling of waste; district heating; biogas in Denmark; and more.