Euro-Japan Communication arranges introductory seminars which aim to promote basic understanding when communicating with Japan and with the Japanese people. The seminars are for people about to be posted in Japan, having short stays, regular negotiations and/or daily communication with Japan








Japan – seminar on values, culture, society and business

A seminar is arranged after consultation with Your company and according to Your needs.

The following elements can form the basis of a seminar.

  • General information about Japan
    Geography and demography – politics and economy – history – religion – values – aesthetics.

  • Group oriented society
    Different kinds of groups – personal contact – network.

  • Business culture
    The hierarchical structure of organisation – chain of command – consensus and Japanese decision making – life-time employment(?) – hard work, overwork, efficiency.

  • Language and communication
    General information about Japanese language – non-verbal language – gestures – behaviour - taboos.

  • Worth knowing and practical information

Typically, an introductory seminar will last 4 to 8 hours.

It is in the meeting between people that results happen.

Seminars in cross-cultural understanding

Through many years of experience in international organisations, Carsten Bundgaard has developed various seminars in cross-cultural understanding.

It is the aim of the seminars:

  • To make the participants acknowledge those factors which block human relations: prejudices, value judgements, things we do not understand, things we fear.

  • To give the participants an experience which makes them personally ready to meet people from other cultures.

The seminars are general in content, and they are not directed at any specific culture, country nor geographic area. You can combine the specific seminars on Japan with a more general seminar on cross-cultural relations