Euro-Japan Communication is a company which works to create understanding between Danish and Japanese companies, organisations and individuals. We have been doing that for more than 25 years






About Euro-Japan Communication


Takako Bundgaard


Master of Arts; graduated from Gakushuin University in Tokyo. Apart from her native language, which is flawless, she expresses herself in perfect Danish and English.

She has been living in Denmark since 1973. In 1983 she established her own translation and interpretation business for the benefit of Danish and Japanese companies and organisations. Having done translations and interpretations in many different contexts and with a great variety of subjects, Takako has developed very flexible and highly professional skills in both the Danish and the Japanese language and she has gained a deep understanding of the Danish society. During the past 20 years she has arranged study tours for Japanse study groups, visiting Denmark. At the same time she has given several lectures in both Denmark and Japan. She has published four books in Japan about Danish social welfare, care of the elderly, and education as well as she writes articles for Japanese magazines and newspapers on a regular basis.


Carsten Bundgaard


Master of Arts; Graduated from Aarhus University, Denmark. Since1989 he has been working full time withinin ’Euro-Japan Communication’. He is responsible for the administration, planning, coordination of activities, making technical reports, and together with Takako he does the planning and implementation of the seminars.

His native language is Danish, but he also speaks and writes in fluent English, speaks and communicates in German, and he can make himself understood in French. Based on his many years in international organisations he has established seminars in intercultural understanding.



Since 1983 it has been our aim to create understanding between Denmark and Japan. Through our activities we want to establish basic and fair information about Denmark in Japan and about Japan in Denmark.